SPOT Festival 2012 prezentuje

Ilu duńskich muzyków potrzeba, żeby wypełnić dobrymi dźwiękami miasto Aarhus? Wieeeeeeeeee(...)lu. Kolejna porcja propozycji z line-up'u Spot Festival przed Wami. Tym razem totalne nowinki i odkrycia. Tym razem bez komentarza, niech muzyka broni się sama. CARLIS, YOUNG DINOSAUR, SUN RIVER, ANNASAID, LOVESPEED, LARSEN & FURIOUS JANE - między (wieeeeeeeloma) innymi pojawią się w Aarhus w dniach 4-5 maja (razem z niezliczoną ilością innych duńskich muzyków).

Szóstka wykonawców, wybranych dla Was z zasobów ogromniastego line-up'u SPOT Festival 2012.

"Behind Carlis is the 19-year-old Carl Emil. Creating simple yet almost arctic cold sounds in looped electronic soundscapes (similar to the Taragana Pyjarama). There are no Apple laptop lights but a sampler, floppy disks and a lot of other old gear which is probably old, but still too young to be vintage" (źródło: Facebook

Young Dinosaur
"Young Dinosaur mix their pop flair for captivating tunes with equal shares of distorted guitars, catchy bass figures, versatile drums and acidiferous soap bubbles. Jens Ramon of Figurines has long since discovered the band’s potential, and they are now recording their first album with his assistance" (źródło:

Sun River
"Sun River creates acoustic sun-drenched music based around the song writing of Martin Rude. With help from Jonas Munk and Jakob Skøtt of Causa Sui he has crafted a unique style that melts the folk-influenced guitarmusic of John Fahey, Nick Drake and Tim Buckley with classic west coast psych as well as more experimental modern sounds. Beautiful mellow music with instrumental depth" (źródło: Facebook)

"The first year and a half was used for toying around with various musical styles. But as the constellation of the band slowly grew into what it is now, so did the music. Today, it’s JUA, Annasaid’s debut of May 2010 that stands as the defining musical testimony of the band" (źródło: Facebook)
Ginger Ninja-Kiss Kiss Kiss-style z dużym dodatkiem dobrych gitar!

"Jeff's Jagger strut and undeniable magnetism are the diesel fumes driving this band of 5 madmen. They will seduce you through every chamber of your heart, with gritty soul-injected guitar lines and rich, orchestral landscapes.
Your next ear to face meeting with Lovespeed will be a love-empowered, energetic romp with a group of damn fine Danish boys that will have you believing that Rock N'Roll was invented on a viking ship" (źródło: Facebook)

Larsen & Furious Jane
Ten zespół zbyt wiele sam o sobie nie napisał, ani nie powiedział. Ale jest wart uwagi!!!
"Larsen & Furious Jane is a Danish band from Aarhus . They have just released their fourth album, named Dolly" (źródło: Wikipedia)

SPOT Festival 2012 już 4-ego i 5-ego maja w Aarhus. Specjalna relacja i wywiady - na DOBRE, BO DUŃSKIE!

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