TURBOWEEKEND - teledysk do "On My Side" [NEWSY]

Turboweekend - "On My Side"
Pewnie słyszeliście już ten utwór, tutaj, na stronie duńskiego Radia P3 albo w polskiej EsceROCK. Teraz możecie zobaczyć do niego teledysk. Turboweekend podzielił się dziś klipem do "On My Side". O co w nim chodzi i jaka była koncepcja? Możecie przeczytać w opisie video na YouTube albo... poniżej :)

"On My Side" to singiel promujący trzeci album Turboweekend - "Fault Lines" (premiera: 25.06.2012).

TURBOWEEKEND w Polsce: 06.11.2012 - ROCKtoberfest, Ósme Urodziny Radia EskaROCK, Warszawa, klub Stodoła
szczegóły: Facebook i eskarock.pl

"To kick off the new album we wanted to do something fun. Something that was live, and perhaps a little bit out of our hands. So we invited a small film crew, a handful of fans in blacksuits, a guy called Allan with some UV paint, and a bag of confetti into our rehearsal space in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, for a mini concert.

The event was recorded and streamed live on our website April 25th at 8pm, and 'On My Side' was the last of 3 songs that we played. We had one chance to get it right, a lot of things could have gone wrong, but they didn't and that's why you can hear the cheer at the end :)

Track taken from Turboweekends forthcoming album Fault Lines. Out June 25th.

Concept & Direction: Jacob Olsen & Morten Køie
Camera 1: Theis Mortensen
Camera 2: Anders
Camera 3: Christian
Additional recordings on phones: Amalie, Amanda, Isabella, Nina Simone, Nikolai, Pernille, Louise, Julie, Lærke, Fie, Laura and her friend whose name we never got.
Cutter: Anders Jon
Grading: Søren Lund
Streaming tech: Peter Mark
Production: Spoiled productions / DDB "

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