JOHN MADE JON - "This city (doesn't fit your shoes)" [MIĘDZY SŁOWAMI]

Another addition to this category is of the young singer/songwriter Jon Ringstrøm Andersen, or rather John Made Jon - the alias he usually uses and under which I first got to know him during a lovely, intimate songwriter-evening in his hometown Kolding. Especially because of its lyrics “This City (doesn’t fit your shoes)” stuck in my head for quite some time afterwards.

“The song started as a melody that I kept for almost a year, before I started writing the lyrics. Every time I thought I had something – I threw the paper away again. The writer’s block kept me starting over and over again,” - Jon pictures the difficult time he had with those words and tells about the solution for it - “I had a good talk with a buddy of mine, who is always great at giving me advice, ideas or the final judgment for a new song. He told me, “write something about what’s on your mind and get it out through your heart. At that time he was moving to Copenhagen without any plans – and I thought he was a hell of a cool kid, having the guts to take a step right into nothing.”

Meanwhile Jon – who also has a graphical talent – worked on a drawing of a women’s shoe with a city inside and named it “This city doesn’t fit your shoes”“That was the final inspiration to the song, which I then wrote in about 15 minutes…!”

If you like this one, listen to more from John Made Jon on his BandCamp page you can find the EP "Poor John" as a free download:

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