No i mamy coś innego. Często powtarzam,  że czasem w muzyce chodzi o teksty. W tym przypadku żadne słowa nie były potrzebne. 

... reszta tym razem po angielsku:
"KASKELOT is a Danish instrumental band who seek to combine the punchy, dance-manifesting power of current electronic music with the irreplaceable sensation of a live band. Searching the spectre of both time and place, we draw on many different sources of inspiration, from African tribal dance to the beating heart of the city". press info

Check out Kaskélot single "Bermuda Beat", if you're longing for some spring (or more - some summer).

Did you feel it? The heat and summer breaze hidden in between the sound? Enjoy surffing on the waves of their music! And enjoy the saxophone tunes - it will lead the way through the songs for you.

If you want  more, you can find Kaskélot second EP "Imbra Ambra" on Spotify or iTunes. An explosion of vibes and diffrent atmosphere of each song can make you feel dizzy, but the moment you let go of gravity and follow the music, the moment you will enjoy it a lot! Are you ready?



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