SPOT Festival 2013: Dobre, bo duńskie rekomendacje - część 1 [KONCERTY, FESTIWALE]

 2013 LINE-UP --> Dobre, bo duńskie rekomendacje - część 1

SPOT FESTIVAL to niezwykłe muzyczne wydarzenie, odbywające się na początku maja w duńskim mieście Aarhus (tegoroczna edycja: 3-4.05.2013 r.). Co roku świetne duńskie zespoły, głównie te wschodzące, ale także i takie utytułowane - biorą udział w tym muzycznym święcie. 

Dobre, bo duńskie miało wielką przyjemność wybrać się na SPOT Festival w zeszłm roku i jest więcej niż szczęśliwe, że będzie mogło powrócić do Aarhus także i w tym. Line-up edycji 2013 jest szalony i wypełniony NAPRAWDĘ rewelacyjnymi nazwiskami i nazwami. Super trudno jest wybrać spośród nich te najbardziej interesujące. Czekamy z niecierpliwością na wiele (WIELE) koncertów i chyba musielinbyśmy się sklonować, żeby zobaczyć wszystkich artystów, których występów na tegorocznym SPOT Festival nie można przegapić. 

Pierwsza część Dobrych, bo duńskich rekomendacji (po angielsku)- poniżej (cały line-up TUTAJ):

WhenSaints Go Machine
Electro-pop quartet will perform in Aarhus at SPOT only a few days before their third studio album ‘Infinity Pool’ sees the light on May 20th. They already gave us a little taste with songs like ‘Love And Respect’ and ‘Mannequin’. And it’s definitely something to look forward to.

The indie-rock band comes back as a trio with a brand new album titled ‘Breach’ to be released in May, successor of the flawless ‘Sleep Mountain’ of 2010.
They have been supporting act for Interpol, Editors and The National.
Attendants to this year’s SPOT will surely enjoy their most recent work.

Karen Marie Ørsted, the 24 year-old Danish is conquering the media with only 3 tracks released so far. She’s been named ‘the sound of 2013’ by NME, The Guardian and Pitchfork. She was part of SXSW in the latest edition of the festival.
With her mix of pop, electro and hip-hop she’s a must see at SPOT this year.

After releasing three free EP’s they have proved to have that hard to find sparkle in their music.
Indie-rock trio from Copenhagen will fulfill Aarhus with their soothing and dreamy sounds.

With his unstrained and catchy pop sound he manages to express his feelings with very emotional and straightforward tracks.
Svendborg’s pop boy will present his newest material ‘Messed Up Happy Kid’ in the next edition of SPOT. 

Lulu Rouge
DJ duo that is one of my (Arletta) most beloved electronic acts come back this year with a new album with guest apperances of i.a. Fenney Osk from Kura and Asbjorn. T.O.M and BUDA will play some of the new tunes (and hopefully some of the great album "Bless You") at SPOT Festival and this is 101% must see/expirence/admire.

Broken Twin
Delicate female melodies and specific Scandinavian melancholy. On the debut EP "Hold On To Nothing" Broken Twin presents a very spiritual side of acoustic music. The magical atmosphere on the show might be stunning, if it will be as it is on the EP.

Dangers Of The Sea
In 2013 the band released debut album that can steal your heart away. Last year Dangers Of The Sea performed at SPOT Festival along with German artist Marscha Qrella, this year they will come back with just their own music. Looking forward to see them when the stage will be all theirs.

Baby In Vain
Copenhagen-based trio of young girls that definitely know how to rock. Their singles are rough, sharp and heavy, their power on stage is something to check out

Go Go Berlin
Rock band with a lot of energy in songs and hopefully the same amount of power on stage. No much to say about them, but there's hope for a crazy concert and a nice report from it afterwards - see you in the first row, jumping and fooling around?

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