SPOT Festival 2013 - Dobre, bo duńskie rekomendacje - część 2 [KONCERTY, FESTIWALE]

Dobre, bo duńskie rekomendacje - część 2

SPOT FESTIVAL to niezwykłe muzyczne wydarzenie, odbywające się na początku maja w duńskim mieście Aarhus (tegoroczna edycja: 3-4.05.2013 r.). Co roku świetne duńskie zespoły, głównie te wschodzące, ale także i takie utytułowane - biorą udział w tym muzycznym święcie. 

Dobre, bo duńskie miało wielką przyjemność wybrać się na SPOT Festival w zeszłym roku i jest więcej niż szczęśliwe, że będzie mogło powrócić do Aarhus także i w tym. Line-up edycji 2013 jest szalony i wypełniony NAPRAWDĘ rewelacyjnymi nazwiskami i nazwami. Super trudno jest wybrać spośród nich te najbardziej interesujące. Czekamy z niecierpliwością na wiele (WIELE) koncertów i chyba musielibyśmy się sklonować, żeby zobaczyć wszystkich artystów, których występów na tegorocznym SPOT Festival nie można przegapić.

Druga część dobrych, bo duńskich rekomendacji (po angielsku) - poniżej (cały line-up TUTAJ, PIERWSZA CZĘŚĆ dobrych, bo duńskich rekomendacji - TUTAJ):

One secret recipe for the success the band around front man Kasper Kaae already could achieve in and around Denmark must be their talent to create music that simply makes you feel at ease. Their second album “Fractures” that got released in Denmark in August 2012 also hit the markets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands earlier this year. After playing several concerts in those countries, CODY is once again part of SPOT’s line-up – a promising one, a must-see. 

A real Danish-speaking or rather -singing gem. Due to their unique charm and precious melodies the singer-songwriter-collective Den Fjerde Væg is able to catch the listeners’ attention and carry them away beyond any possibly existing lingual “borders” – we are really looking forward to get caught and carried away ourselves! 

A dear and honest recommendation: performances of songwriter talent Jasper Madsen’s under his alias Echo Me are valuable and beautiful experiences one simply shouldn’t miss out on. The project’s live cast can be incarnated by different formations, giving every concert a very unique character – the gig at SPOT will surely be no exception. 

Better remember that name! All signs are pointing to a great year for Kadie Elder, the electro pop project around folk musician Anders Rask. They just recently got confirmed a spot for well-known Roskilde Festival, so SPOT might be one of the last chances to experience their live performance before the world gets to know about them – we can’t wait to catch ’em in Aarhus! 

Lovely Penny Police will serve her delicate, wonderful songs to the Aarhus audience this year, which is a great news for those of you who likes singer-songwriter style, with poetic melodies and special female touch. 

PENNY POLICE 2 EP's and debut LP "The Broken, The Beggar, The Thief" is a SPOT Festival prise in our blog contest! Read more about it TUTAJ SZCZEGÓŁY KONKURSU and look forward (as we do) for Penny Police show at this year SPOT Festival.

This young electronic duo-act won Good Because Danish hearts with their song "Out Of Existance". Together with other SPOT Festival act - MO (with whom they made a song "Let The Youth Go Mad") - Broke represent the power of youth and the riot of youth. Crooked beats, rough sound and madness hidden in their music is disturbing and atrracting at the same time. We're sure it will be hell of a party during their performance!

Psychodelic garage music is doing good in Denmark. You can say so, when you listen to The Wands. With their twisted, dreamy-rough sound they make you dive in the layers of their compositions. We're curious how their song "Hello I Know The Blow You Grow Is Magic" will sound live.

The only thing you can find about this Cancer is an info that it's a collaboration between  Nikolaj Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine) and Kristian Finne Kristensen (Chorus Grant). How do they sound like? What do they play? It's a mystery. We're gonna find the answers to these questions at SPOT Festival 2013.

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