Skoro wiosna jakoś najwyraźniej o nas zapomniała, chodźmy na muzyczny VINTERTUR.

... tym razem reszta po angielsku:

Depeche Mode new album "Delta Machine" was out recently. Ok, but what it has to do with Danish music? Maybe this that some of the VINTERTUR songs remind me these from Depeche Mode that Martin Gore sings in? There's something from the slower compositions of Twin Shadow in the music too. Also, to look on the Danish ground, the atmosphere of the music is a little bit like Rangleklods, to some extent. 

All of these references are put together in this short description of VINTERTUR music:

"The sound of VINTERTUR is intelligent club music consisting of dark synthesisers and deep vocals with minimalistic rhythms. It's Electro, House and Acid mixed with Pop." press info

Here you have it - two VINTERTUR songs, two vibrant, a little bit melancholic tracks with A LOT of unspeakable tension. Unspeakable, but "hearable". I'm waiting for more!

VINTERTUR - "Endless" 

VINTERTUR - Needs (feat. Joanne)

"Endless" on iTunes

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