The Brazierlights In The Window: Break EP [ID]

Photo by Samy Khabthani

Tym razem jesteśmy gotowi do słuchania i zasłuchiwania się duetem z Kopenhagi. Anton Rank i Perry MacLeod Jensen tworzą projekt The Brazierlights In The Window. 

więcej... in English:

If you think they’re new around in the scene you’re mistaken. ‘All I Need…’ is the name of their first album, out in 2009 and then they presented ‘Spring Release’, their first EP which came out in 2010. 

Their second self-produced EP ‘Break’ presented lately demonstrates transition, a more mature, professional and refined sound through the five tracks. 

With their shoegaze we caught a glimpse of an effortless Danish version of My Bloody Valentine. They know how to create a perfect noisy and dreamy atmosphere while Perry’s distinctive vocals drown you in. 

‘We Are Going To Fly’ the opening track invites us in to fly with them with a delicate melody and innocent lyrics. 

A desirous side is shown in ‘While I’m Away’; you’ll get the feeling of getting something out of your chest with this one. 

A more ambient and drone song takes presence, ‘With You By My Side’ the longest of the EP, focuses on a more sonic texture. 

‘Break’ is the instrumental track that brings perfect balance to the EP. 

‘Love To See You Try’, the closing track is love at first listen. I found myself thinking, singing and playing it in my head instantly, as if I already knew the song. It was mesmerizing. 

Have a listen to The Brazierlights In The Window, they’ll love to see you try! 


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